Thursday, March 31, 2011

Confessions of a Bookaholic

Check out my guest post at Jessica's wonderful blog Confessions of a Bookaholic. There's a giveaway for 3 ebooks of The Ylem, too, so hurry up if you want to win one!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pretty random escapade

Since blogs consist on random things, too, I decided to talk about my last escapade. I've been working non stop on promoting The Ylem on some other blogs, and at the same time I've been trying to speed up things with Breakaway, the first book in my Away series, so when I do something that doesn't include me being stuck to my keyboard with my eyes glued to the computer screen, I call that an "escapade".

A French guy invited my sister and I to eat some crepes the other night. My god they were good. All soft and perfectly sweetened. We were having a wonderful time, joking and talking about poisonous plants and whatnot. Really, random stuff. But all of a sudden, he stands up and leaves the kitchen. Imagine our WTF faces, at least mine felt like that. I don't know if my sister did have one. I was too busy thinking on poisonous seeds. Then, he comes in with two cute Brasilian parakeets in his hands and places them on the table. They seem to like chocolate a lot since they start frantically licking our plates, and one specially stares at the Nutella bottle like it's his Holy Grail. You can see he's hesitant.

 But then, he decides to go for it.

And I just thought, "wow, this is perfect for a Nutella add."
Don't you think so? It looks so cute. But as if he'd read my mind, the parakeet came and glared at me with an evil eye.

I guess he knew I had another Nutella bottle underneath the table. Pretty intelligent little animals. Never understimate birds just because they have small heads.

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Ylem is...

...officially OUT! You can get it at Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple, Diesel and Smashwords.
Sony and Amazon are on their way.

I'll leave you with some of the links where you can go and buy it, or just sample it:

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

This blog is...

...still under construction. Sorry. This is what happens when you're not a cyberspace-worm. AND when you don't have enough money to pay a cyberspace-worm to do it for you.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

You should know...

...this blog is still under construction. So if you're here for more in depth information on THE YLEM or upcoming books, please be patient and stick with me. I promise a nice retribution!

Have I said... much I love Cassandra Clare and her Mortal Instruments series? I am dying to get my hands on the fourth book, CITY OF FALLEN ANGELS.

Do you know why?  Well, I have a crush going on with Jace. I love him. Some people would think it's silly and pathetic, and a big waste of  neurons, but I couldn't disagree more. If there were really worthy guys out there (and there are, but they tend to be already busy), we YA leeches wouldn't spend our time drooling with a book.

So stand up boys! Or lots of male characters will take your place. One already did :)

I have no idea...

...of what I am doing here. I am new to this whole blogging business, so if you find some weird stuff here and there, please, just let it pass. I am still learning the nuts and bolts of having a blog.

That being said, I'll talk a little bit about the motivations behind my writing. I love YA Paranormal romance. Everyone knows that, including you (beautiful and few) fellow readers. But why? For me, it all comes down to this: the thrill and excitement of the YA world. 

Seing, feeling and experiencing everything for the first time--and better yet, throughout the everlasting pages of a compelling, heart-stirring story--there's nothing better. You won't get that clenching sensation inside your stomach any tighter than when reading about a first kiss. Your heart won't go pitter and patter any more wild than when reading about about a first love. And let's not talk about those teen hormones! Tabasco sauce pales next to their spiciness. Yeah. I think I got a bit excited talking about this, but you get the idea now, right?

If you don't, well, don't frown. I am sure there'll be more posts on this. 

So. I believe this wraps up my first attempt at blogging.

Have a wonderful day!