Sunday, July 31, 2011

Kalista and Tristan's song

So, someone asked me if there's a Kalista & Tristan song, and my answer to that is: of course! This song actually played a lot upon the creating process of the story itself. And everything, really. It conveys the mood of the book to perfection.
It's amazing how music inspires and moves us, and bands like the one I'm going to talk about do the job, at least in my case. Kings Of Leon. Do I need to say something more?I think the name says it all. It happens to be one of my favorite bands and if you don't know them, then please, do yourself a favor and start to listen to their music!

One of my dreams came true a couple of months ago thanks to my sister. I went to one of their concerts. It was in Memphis (we planned this whole road trip, including Nashville, just to get there) and it absolutely rocked my world. It was amazing and their songs...just wow!
Though I was kind of far away from the stage, as you can see below, the experience was absolute glory!

I love this band more than I did before, and I thank their creative juices for composing "Closer", the song that started it all and kept it going until the end.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Thank you to everyone...

...that has bought my book and given it a chance!! The rankings are going up each day and to that, I send to all my readers the most sincere and warm hug of gratitude. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart and soul.

Creating The Ylem and plastering it on "digital paper" and, most of all, real paper has been a true roller-coaster of emotions. Some good, some bad, but deeply gratifying and enriching. I wouldn't trade it or change it for anything in the world.
As most of you may know, English is not my native language--too bad because I absolutely love it. I consider it the most fun language to write. So, as you can see, it takes more time for me to write a book in this amazing and playful language than other writers who are American. Why in English you may be wondering? Well, I don't know the exact reason, but it seems inspiration only comes to me in this language. Perhaps it's because I mainly read in English. Perhaps it's the influence of Hollywood movies. I really don't know. The only thing I'm sure about is this: stories sound much much better in English. Spanish and French are beautiful, melodic languages to hear, but English is the one to read and listen inside your mind. At least, in my case.

Writing in English is truly an adventure, but polishing a manuscript is more like walking 100 miles non-stop with no water to my brain. It's really grueling and mentally demanding, but so definitely worth the effort. It's like when you're giving birth, you swear you're never going to do something that puts you in that state again, panting and screaming in pain, but once you hear that little cry of life in the room, everything goes still and a smile of absolute satisfaction draws upon your face. Because you love your baby so much. That is what a finished book is to a writer, the amazing product of his/her perseverance. It's our baby.
And believe me when I say I gave my best when writing The Ylem. I know there are some grammatical mistakes stopping the story to, maybe, flow naturally as it should, and I know that a very few of you are kind of bothered by this fact (thank God you loved the story, though). But I promise you that I'm getting better each day, and that the books to come will be much better in that sense.
Since last week, newly fresh and corrected copies of The Ylem have been surfing the Internet. I hope you give it a chance :)
All of you are participating and building this dream of mine each day, and I, again, thank you for doing so. I hope it doesn't stop, because I promise that the books to come are going to blow your taste-reading-buds away!