Though half of my blood calls me to Spain, I was born in El Salvador, where I currently live and work on both The Ylem Trilogy and my Away series full-time. Before the written word became my whole life, I considered several other paths, like studying Film or Hotel Management, which, at the end, came up as the most reliable option. Though I embarked to France and earned a Hotel Management degree from the Institut Vatel, and though I got to travel a lot and met different cultures, I soon realized that being surrounded by mad, screaming Chefs all the time wasn't for me. That's when writing turned into something more.  

Urban fantasy and paranormal romance fascinate me, and I am obsessed with folklore and mythology. To me, the combination of these four make the perfect formula for a fascinating story. 

When not writing, glued to my husband, Mr. Keyboard, or reading books into oblivion, I can be found watching tacky reality shows, singing in the shower (really, the acoustics in the bathroom are really good), buying baggy shirts (God, I love those), eating way too many Wonka candies (though I love Jolly Ranchers, too), and fantasizing about my next book.

Oh! And I am a cover designer and an eco-friendly jewelry maker. So not a full-time writer. Sorry about that. Even though I enjoy creating fashion accessories with cool materials that can be found in recycle yards, designing covers for self-published books has to be one of my favorite things in the world. I just love it. Check out my work here: