Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I have no idea...

...of what I am doing here. I am new to this whole blogging business, so if you find some weird stuff here and there, please, just let it pass. I am still learning the nuts and bolts of having a blog.

That being said, I'll talk a little bit about the motivations behind my writing. I love YA Paranormal romance. Everyone knows that, including you (beautiful and few) fellow readers. But why? For me, it all comes down to this: the thrill and excitement of the YA world. 

Seing, feeling and experiencing everything for the first time--and better yet, throughout the everlasting pages of a compelling, heart-stirring story--there's nothing better. You won't get that clenching sensation inside your stomach any tighter than when reading about a first kiss. Your heart won't go pitter and patter any more wild than when reading about about a first love. And let's not talk about those teen hormones! Tabasco sauce pales next to their spiciness. Yeah. I think I got a bit excited talking about this, but you get the idea now, right?

If you don't, well, don't frown. I am sure there'll be more posts on this. 

So. I believe this wraps up my first attempt at blogging.

Have a wonderful day!

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