Friday, June 17, 2011

I just realized...

I haven't posted anything in a very very long time! So I started wondering what could I talk you guys about, and then, puff, just like that, I thought of something.

You only know my writer side, the one that sinks its head deep into the magical and soul-stirring world of the written word, and I want you to know more about me. After all, that is what this blog is about, right? You word-leeches getting to know me a little bit better. So, the first thing that came to my mind was actually...surprising. And when I started digging more into it, I noticed how obvious and funny this trait of mine is. Well, at least, I think it's funny.
So...I love to make funny faces. Whenever a camera is near and a flash comes my way, my face transforms. And I mean that literally! I don't know if it's a rebellious thing because I don't like people taking pictures of me, or if it's because stiff pictures with fake smiles don't strike my fancy, or if it's because, I don't know, I like to be funny and that's the only way I can be funny? Who knows, I'll leave that to me and my pillow tonight.

I just remembered that about two months ago, this girl wanted to take a girl picture--you know, one of those where people say let's take a picture of all the girls and they all automatically school their bodies into this model-like posture with a movie-star smile on their faces. Okay, so, I hate that. Hate it. When the time came to take the picture, I did the opposite and contorted my face into what I thought was a funny face. The girl took the camera back from a guy and took a look at the picture. Of course, she hated it. Why? Because my un-ladylike face was spoiling it. So they took it a second time and I had to do what was "right". *snort*
But not all people, or girls to be precise, are like this. Some love my pictures and do it with me, which makes it really amusing, and really fun to watch afterwards :)

Okay, so I'll let you be the judge. These are just a few. In some of them I look funny, in others I look ugly, and in others I look....whatever. That's the word it comes to mind (so much for being a writer).

 Yep. That's all I have now. Maybe I'll pick some more and upload them later. Or I could do a "Funny Face of the Week" thing. Yeah! That's a winner :)